A simple six for bonding just about anything

Enhanced appearance, improved performance, improved process...if you think these benefits can help you bring a better, more competitive product to market, you’ll want to consider six “go-to” pressure sensitive adhesive bonding tapes. To streamline the process of selecting from the vast line of 3M bonding tapes, these six are the most versatile for the most substrates used in these and other markets:

• Metalworking and assembly
• Woodworking
• Medical
• Commercial graphics
• Transportation
• Automotive
• Electronics

For a variety of industrial joining applications, 3M™ Adhesive Transfer Tape F9473PC bonds metal to
to metal or HSE plastics with high shear and temperature resistance.

* 950 is a versatile cost-effective adhesive for many substrates.
Note: This technical information and data should be considered representative or typical only and should not be used for specification purposes.