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Den Braven Zinc Alu Spray

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Adheres well to non-ferrous metal and iron.

Can be used for re-galvanizing and repairing damaged spots on galvanized parts as well as on welding and cutting points in steelgirder construction.

The spray takes on the task of corrosion protection and acts as an optical colour compensator due to its similar colour to newly galvanized metals.

Zinc-Aluminium Spray is applied in industry, trade and other areas where galvanized metals are processed or damaged. Its main applications are in the field of air-conditioning and ventilation, heating systems, pipe construction and powerhouses.


  • Fast-drying film
  • High adhesive strength
  • Can be lacquered over
  • Heat-resistant up to +200°C
  • Has the same colour as newly galvanized metals

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