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Corrugated cardboard cores & caps

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Corrugated Cores also known as Postal Tubes & Mailing Tubes are used for many different application from toilet rolls to packaging tapes. They can be used for multiple purposes, yet primarily they are made with shipping and mailing in mind. 

Cores are hollow inside so a big enough core is perfect for transporting or keeping fragile items inside e.g. poster.  The postal tubes are available in a diverse range of lengths, wall thickness and diameter (inner and outer).

Paper Cores are typically cylinders or strong cardboard tubes that are used in adhesive, fabric, electrical, and paper product industries. 

They are great for holding items and for protecting them from damage that would be caused by rough handling and other external factors such as moisture and heat.

Each one serves its own unique purpose. Standard measures of tubes are used in the packaging, storing and shipping sectors, whilst the heavy-duty cores are used in constructions to serve as structural supports for concrete pillars and other structures. 

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