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3M™ Scotch® 35 Vinyl Electrical Tape

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This Scotch® Vinyl Electrical Color Coding Tape 35 is used in phase identification, color coding of cables or piping systems and for marking safety areas.

This tape is abrasion- and weather-resistant, with excellent mechanical and electrical insulation properties. The tape can also be used in joints, terminations and connector insulation up to 600V.

Black is generally used as an insulating electrical wire. Other colours are known as 'phasing tapes'. These colours indicate the voltage level and phase of the wire. Phasing tapes are used on wires that only come with black insulation.

About this item:

  • Easy to handle and apply
  • Protect electrical conductors, motor leads and piping from abrasion, acids, alkalis, corrosion, moisture and weather
  • Remain functional over a wide range of temperatures – up to 105°C
  • Feature a pressure sensitive rubber adhesive
  • Available in nine fade resistant colours
  • RESIDENTIAL, COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL ENVIRONMENTS: Used for harsh indoor and weather protected outdoor uses
  • EASILY IDENTIFIED: Insulation for electrical wiring and cable
  • PERFECT FOR MARKING AND COLOR-CODING: Motor leads, piping systems, safety areas and more
  • FLAME-RETARDANT AND HIGHLY RESISTANT: To UV rays, abrasion, moisture, alkalis, solvents and many acids
  • OPERATING TEMPERATURE: Range of 14 to 221 °F (-10 to 105 °C)
  • COMPLIANCE: UL Listed, VDE, CSA Certified, RoHS Compliant
  • STABILITY: 5-year shelf life (from date of manufacture)

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