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Corrugated boxes

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What is the difference between single-wall and double-wall cardboard boxes?

Made with two layers of liner paper with a fluted layer sandwiched in between.
Widely used as standard shipping and packing boxes.
Best for lightweight items and soft bulky items. This includes duvets, cushions, clothes, shoes and curtains.
Essential for a move because they are cheaper and come in a large range of sizes.

Made with three layers of liner paper with two layers of fluting in between.
Have twice the wall strength of single-wall boxes.
Offer a sturdier option when you need to pack heavier or more fragile items.
Ideal for heavier or more fragile items that need extra protection. This includes electronics, books, kitchenware and ornaments.
A good option for items going into long-term storage or overseas freight because they offer more cushioning and can absorb shocks during transport.

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