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3M AutoMotivation – Happy New Year

Welcome to 3M AutoMotivation, your quarterly resource for solving your greatest design and engineering challenges in the automotive industry.

Prepare for a short, informative journey as we explore what‘s “in,” what‘s “out” and what‘s “up” in auto technology!

In this edition: New uses for plastics, cost-effective exteriors

  1. What’s in – A filler for expanded capabilities for plastics in automotive design
  2. What’s out – fast, cost-effective designs for auto exteriors
  3. What‘s up – See tomorrow’s head up displays, today

To make plastics more versatile, add this

More and more, plastics are becoming suitable for human machine interfaces, batteries, motors and headlamp sockets. Find out about one great solution which makes this possible.

Plastics, including injection molded thermoplastics, have always been great for manufacturing light-weight parts. But for electric vehicles especially, plastics are not always suitable for meeting thermal performance requirements.

A great solution: 3M™ Boron Nitride Cooling Fillers. Used as a filler during the production of plastics, these advanced ceramic materials can improve thermal conductivity in polymers while maintaining or improving electrical insulation. Specifically, compounders can tailor thermal conductivity to meet the stringent thermal requirements of the application – as well as harmonize it with other performance criteria such as flame retardancy, mechanical properties and low dissipation factor.

Visit our website about tailoring the thermal conductivity of plastic materials with 3M™ Boron Nitride Cooling Fillers.

Read about how boron nitride filled compounds reduced cost of an electrical component by 30 % whilst enhancing its overall lifetime.

Download our technical paper

Creating more distinctive designs with exterior films

Distinctive vehicle designs are not always practical or cost-effective. Complex moldings, with or without the tooling, galvanizing and chrome plating, can be hazardous to workers and budgets. Materials like stamped stainless steel can be prohibitively costly, as well as heavy. Fortunately, 3M™ Exterior Trim Films can help you keep the look – and feel – of a wide range of materials, colours and textures within reach.

Also, paint-spray application is already the most-resource intensive step in the vehicle assembly process. The trouble is process efficiency – the costs for masking, paint cycles and materials add up quickly, and can eclipse the advantage of differentiation with higher sticker prices. The solution: exterior films that replace paint and its processes.

One example is 3M™ Blackout Film: a polyurethane paint replacement film with outstanding weathering & chemical resistance over existing paint alternatives. It features an adhesive that bonds to metal and paint, and microchannels built into the film help reduce application problems related to air bubbles. It even features a soft yet durable clear coat that promotes self-healing that restores gloss over time.

To learn more, register for our upcoming webinar and hear from our experts on how 3M Design and Functional Film Solutions protect and replace paint, can help reduce emissions, and revolutionise automotive manufacturing, all backed by 3M technical support and training.

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Want to learn more? Watch our video on functional film solutions

What will the next generation of head up displays look like? The answer is here

Today’s head up display (HUD) technology is pretty good at placing foreground information, such as current speed and time, where drivers can see them. The HUDs of tomorrow are much more robust.

That’s because the HUD is part of a transformation in human machine interface. Information such as clear safety notifications, maps, directions, graphics that alert drivers of upcoming hazards and guide them through tricky intersections can interact directly through the HUD. You can see what we mean by watching our video here.

All of this is possible because of the development of light management films. HUD information must inform without distracting. 3M Light Management Films would contribute to that by directing and managing the light so it is clear, with minimum to no unwanted reflection, and not too bright or too dim. These films enhance the driver experience and also help make it safer and more efficient.

As the entire interior of the car transforms, the possibilities are stunning.

Find out more by signing up to our on-demand webinar "Light and thermal management for head- up display applications".

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Education & Events

Stay current on what’s happening in the world of automotive design and manufacturing. Don’t miss these upcoming events from 3M™.

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