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3M™ 82-A2 Scotchcast Polyurethane Epoxy Resin Joint Kit 6 - 16mm²

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  • INSULATES AND SEALS UNSHEILDED SPLICES: On both single and multiple conductor cables
  • ENGINEERED VERSATILITY: Make inline splices on 5 kV cables and multiple conductor cables through 1 kV
  • SPLICES NON-SHIELDED CABLES: Creating a permanent watertight seal on 5kV rated single conductor cables and 1kV rated multiple conductor cables
  • ALL-WEATHER APPLICATIONS: Designed for weather-exposed or direct burial locations
  • FAST AND EASY: Permanent watertight protection for submerged applications up to 600 V and 90 °C
  • QUICK CURE TIME: Cures in about 1-2 hours (pending temperature/conditions)
  • NO HEAT OR TOOLS: Kit includes a mold body, pouring spouts, 23 electrical tape and No. 4N resin
  • UL LISTED: For use with UL listed connectors only

3M™ 82-AN Series Inline Resin Power Cable Splice Kit is designed to insulate and seal 5kV rated unshielded, single conductor cables and 1 kV rated multiple conductor cables. It is suitable for use in weather exposed or direct burial locations.

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