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Foil-scrim-kraft Tape

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FSK Facing Tape is a white or foil coloured foil/scrim/kraft (FSK) laminated tape coated with a pressure sensitive, cold weather solvent acrylic adhesive.


  • Offers durability and strength with its reinforced scrim.
  • Easy to install on-site without special tools or application methods.
  • High puncture and tear resistance ensures a long life and durability in a variety of applications


  • Flexible Backing conforms well to curved or irregular-shaped applications and surfaces.
  • It conforms to fibrous duct board and sheet metal ducts.
  • Works well in general-purpose heat shielding and light reflecting applications.


  • Sealing applications for fibrous duct board, sheet metal ducts and blankets.
  • Vapour seal for reinforced aluminium faced fibreglass or mineral wool thermal insulation.
  • Repairs to small tears in roof insulation.
  • For industrial, commercial and residential applications.

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