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Plastic Bags

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Our plastic-based products cover a large range of industry requirements for both factory and retail use.

From freezer plastic bags for domestic use to heavy-duty thick plastic micron bags.

Products available are Carrier bags, bag on a roll, mini-grips, zip lock bags, polypropylene bags, CD Sleeves etc. 

Plastic Zip lock, resealable bags come in a wide range of sizes. The resealable strip can be opened time and time again, and keeps contents sealed and secure.

Polypropylene bags is the perfect way to package your snacks and food. These perforated plastic bags are ideal for packing treats such as biltong, as food can still breathe once packed.

Bags on a roll are convenient for many industries such as grocery stores or any place when weighing machine is being used. It is made with transparent material and therefore allow the consumer to view contents easily. 

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